9. Rescue Smudger Brush

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Have you ever tried to do your eyeliner and you stuff it up? Cue your rescue smudger! A smokey liner is just as bold and beautiful as a crisp liner. The rescue smudger is perfect for buffing a liner out into a beautiful soft wing or building your eyeshadow in areas like the lash line or lower lash line.

Pro tip: 

Precision is key when working with any dense blending work so hold your brush firm like you would a pen. 

Material: High End Natural Hair (Cruelty Free), Coated Copper Ferrule, Painted Wooden Handle

Brush Care: Please refer to the ‘Brush care’ page for tips and instructions on regular cleaning processes.


Caution: DO NOT SOAK/SUBMERGE hairs and handles in heavy Alcohol or Water. Alcoholic Brush cleaner should only be used on the hairs sparingly. Heavy alcohol cleaners, if used in excess, can strip the paint off of the copper ferrule and wooden handles. To keep the integrity of the delicate brush hairs opt for a gentle deep cleaning product like the Tanielle Jai Brush Soap & Cleansing Pad.