About Tanielle Jai

tanielle jai - makeup artist

Tanielle Jai is not just a makeup artist; she's a visionary who believes in the transformative power of makeup. With over 16 years of experience in the industry, Tanielle has perfected the art of creating looks that not only enhance your beauty but also celebrate your individuality.

Her passion lies in providing quality makeup looks that exude glamour while still allowing you to feel like the best version of yourself. Renowned for her signature bronzy glows, sultry smokey eyes, precise brown wings, and luscious pouty lips, Tanielle has been slaying the makeup game since her rebellious high school days.

Despite facing opposition for her love of makeup during her school years, Tanielle's determination only grew stronger. Starting her journey with a retail makeup brand, she honed her skills and knowledge from the ground up, eventually transitioning from a retail artist to managing makeup stores and becoming a sought-after educator.

Her experience includes hosting numerous workshops across Australia, where she shared her expertise with a diverse range of clients, catering to various skin tones, undertones, eye shapes, and makeup preferences. This journey has shaped her into the versatile and skilled makeup artist she is today.

After embarking on the adventure of motherhood, Tanielle took a leap of faith and established herself as a freelancer. Today, she is a highly sought-after makeup artist, collaborating with esteemed brands.

But Tanielle's journey doesn't stop there. With a keen eye for innovation, she is venturing into the world of makeup products, designing her own line, and sharing her expertise with a global audience through her online courses. Additionally, she is proud to introduce her personally curated makeup brush collection, designed to elevate your makeup routine to new heights.

Join Tanielle Jai on her next adventure as she continues to redefine beauty standards and empower individuals worldwide through the art of makeup.