About Tanielle Jai

tanielle jai - makeup artist

Tanielle is passionate about providing quality looks that make you feel amazing & glam, but still feel like the you you love. 

Renowned for her bronzy glows, smokey eyes, brown wings and a pouty lip, Tanielle has been slaying the makeup game for over 16 years. Her love for makeup started way back in high school, where she was always getting into trouble for her chunky black eyeliner and wearing foundation. She was down at the Principal’s office most days for going against the no-makeup rules, but it didn’t stop her from wearing it!

After school, Tanielle started working for a retail makeup brand, landing the job through a reference from her Deputy Principal who confirmed her passion for makeup. Building her knowledge from the ground up, she has gone from a casual retail makeup artist to managing makeup stores, becoming an educator on the road, hosting hundreds of workshops with people across Australia, and working with many diverse faces, tones, undertones, eye shapes and makeup intensities. Those years are the years that made her the makeup artist she is today.

After falling pregnant with her first child, Tanielle decided to take a leap of faith and go out on her own as a freelancer. Fast forward to now - she’s an in demand makeup artist, working and collaborating with brands such as Princess Polly, Petal and Pup, Saski Collection, Cendre, Nudestix, Mecca Maxima, Beginning Boutique, Refy and Sommer Swim. 

Now Tanielle is onto her next adventure, sharing her personally designed makeup brush collection as well as educating people around the world through her online course.