10. Defined Liner & Brow Comb

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To nail your eyeliner you need an epic brush. One that doesn't change shape, and certainly doesn’t fray. A super fine tip is key to creating a snatched wing!
The Brow comb well.. It's a brow comb! It’s just always an essential.

Pro tip: 

Precise work requires brush control. Holding further up the handle toward the brush tip will give you the best chance of nailing that fleek flick.

Material: Premium Synthetic Hair, Coated Copper Ferrule, Painted Wooden Handle

Brush Care: Please refer to the ‘Brush care’ page for tips and instructions on regular cleaning processes.


Caution: DO NOT SOAK/SUBMERGE hairs and handles in heavy Alcohol or Water. Alcoholic Brush cleaner should only be used on the hairs sparingly. Heavy alcohol cleaners, if used in excess, can strip the paint off of the copper ferrule and wooden handles. To keep the integrity of the delicate brush hairs opt for a gentle deep cleaning product like the Tanielle Jai Brush Soap & Cleansing Pad. 


Customer Reviews

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Carolina Skouros
Exceptional brush

As a makeup lover and makeup artist I was searching for the perfect small angle brush to perfect wing eye liner. This brush does not disappoint and works it’s magic fast. Love it so much for delicate tightlining also :)

Georgia L.
Does the work for you

Holy precise!
I have about 5 different liner brushes and this is the only one I use on my clients.

Perfect for a crisp winged liner,
Great for tightlining or doing a thin (pr thick) line across the top for definition or as a base for your false lashes.
I haven't has any issues with fraying - which I have had with other small & delicate eyeliner/detail brushes like this.

I love this with a brow pomade for the ladies with thin eyebrows or for gals that have thick brows and want some natural brow strokes.


Painless and precise eye liner application due to the brush bristles. Does the job.