3. Cream Buffer Brush

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A softly angled dense yet fluffy blending brush for all your creamy cheek work. A wonderful brush that can also apply foundation or buff in your concealer.

Pro tip: 

Cheek colours can stand out too much if you just stop your creams at the cheek, so use this brush to add dimension around the forehead, jawline and chin using your cream bronzers or sometimes a little cheeky blush moment on the nose for a sun kissed glow!
You want your grip to be soft yet firm, so a brush like this should be held just where the copper ferrule meets the wooden handle.

This brush comes with a brush guard to keep the brush in its shape, use your brush guard after use and after washing

Material: Premium Synthetic Hair, Coated Copper Ferrule, Painted Wooden Handle

Brush Care: Please refer to the ‘Brush care’ page for tips and instructions on regular cleaning processes.


Caution: DO NOT SOAK/SUBMERGE hairs and handles in heavy Alcohol or Water. Alcoholic Brush cleaner should only be used on the hairs sparingly. Heavy alcohol cleaners, if used in excess, can strip the paint off of the copper ferrule and wooden handles. To keep the integrity of the delicate brush hairs opt for a gentle deep cleaning product like the Tanielle Jai Brush Soap & Cleansing Pad.