2.10 Carve & Apply

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Carve - Experience versatility with this multi-functional brush! The tapered end allows you to skillfully carve out various areas, including the brows, cut crease, lip touch-ups, eyeliner cleanups, and concealing. It's your go-to tool for precise application of products like concealer, eyeshadow, and creams, offering unparalleled flexibility in your makeup routine.

Apply - Unleash the potential of this soft, flat applicator designed for effortless eyeshadow applications and blending. Whether working with powders or creams, this brush ensures a smooth and seamless application, making it an essential tool for achieving a flawless eye makeup look.



Brushes: Premium Hypoallergenic Synthetic Hair, Coated Aluminium Ferrule and Painted Wooden Handle. Vegan and Cruelty Free.

Unlike natural brushes, Premium Hypoallergenic Synthetic Makeup Brushes don’t have a cuticle, which makes them great to use with liquid or cream products, they won’t trap makeup. Premium Hypoallergenic Synthetic bristles tend to gravitate towards one another, making them perfect for precision application.

Clutch: Vegan Faux Leather

Brush Care: Please refer to the ‘Brush care’ page for tips and instructions on regular cleaning processes.

Caution: DO NOT SOAK/SUBMERGE hairs and handles in heavy Alcohol or Water. Alcoholic Brush cleaner should only be used on the hairs sparingly. Heavy alcohol cleaners, if used in excess, can strip the paint off of the copper ferrule and wooden handles. To keep the integrity of the delicate brush hairs opt for a gentle deep cleaning product like the Tanielle Jai Brush Soap & Cleansing Pad.